Carabao & Latte Stone

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~ Carabao are water buffalo introduced to Guam from the Philippines during the Spanish occupation for farming.  During colonial times, the picture of this animal pulling a two-wheeled cart has evolved into one of the most vivid visual images of the collective social imagination of the Chamorros that recalls that era. Besides dominating land transportation on Guam in the 1700s and early 1800s, this creature served as an important member of the ‘farming family’ and is largely recollected as such.


~ Latte is a Chamorro term that refers to stone pillars and cup-shaped capitals or capstones, which represent house supports and are ascribed to the ancient people of the Mariana Islands. In some accounts, they are also referred to as casas de los antiguos (houses of the ancients).

Archaeological research has found that during Guam’s late prehistoric period, from about 1200 BP to 300 BP,  latte began to be used and became increasingly common before abandonment after Spanish colonization.

Wording on Ornament:   Hafa adai Guam

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