About Us

Dragonfly Keepsake Ornaments is located on the island of Guam, a U.S Territory in the Pacific, home to 175,000 people. Our family has been been in the Mariana Islands for over 20 years and there is nowhere better than the Pacific Islands lifestyle to look for inspiration for designs, using Island legends, ocean life, tropical flowers & iconic sights for our glass, hand painted ornaments.

Our store is located in the Chamorro Village in Hagatna.

Most of our designs are created by Dragonfly on Guam, however because the painting technique is such a specialized art, it needs to be done in China, where the individual painters who work are overseen by a highly trained & skilled "master artist". 

Below is a birds eye view directly over one of the painters shoulders, while at work:

We have a total of 22 Island designs, 19 Village designs and 8 Christmas designs. The Owner of Dragonfly was lucky enough to spend time sitting down with the artists in their studios, watching this intricate process take place to ensure that the designs, colors, & wording were accurate. 

These unique & hand crafted glass ornaments come in their own individual box, and make the perfect gift for so many, including residents (on & off island), tourists, visiting guests & families. A life long connection & memorable gift forever.

They are also a popular gift for annual ornament exchanges. These ornaments do not fade or tarnish, as they are painted from the inside, so continue to look new for years to come.

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