What are the shipping costs for Dragonfly ornaments?

Because of Guam's location, we have found the most cost effective way to send our ornaments, is to use USPS flat rate box.

Prices may vary:
Category 1: 1-2 ornament ~ $6.50
Category 2: 3-4 ornaments ~ $ 13.00
Category 3: 5-12 ornaments ~ $16.00
Category 4: 13-15 ornaments ~ $20.00
Other: 16-up ~ email
Website will automatically calculate the shipping for you.

For International orders please email us at: contactdragonfly@yahoo.com


How long will it take to receive my order?

Due to our physical location, Guam, mail can take longer than normal. Once the order is processed and taken to the post office which will take 1-2 days, you can expect to receive your package in about 7-14 business days. If you live in Guam, Hawaii, or the CNMI you may receive your order earlier. If purchasing around the holiday seasons, expect delay. 

Where is your store located on Guam?

Sadly, we no longer have a physical store location on Guam. We only do business through this website and various craft fairs, on Guam, throughout the year.

Can I order through you if I live on Guam?

Yes, you can, the website will automatically calculate shipping for you or we can deliver them to you personally for a flat rate fee of $5. If you would like us to personally deliver them to you, email your order to contactdragonlfy@yahoo.com with when/where to meet and you can pay us personally by cash or check. If you have any questions please email us or contact us on Facebook.

Do you take customized/special orders?

We cannot do individual customization, however, we have completed orders for a large wedding, a large hotel, and a well known chain restaurant. These orders have a minimum purchase (which is required by our supplier, not by Dragonfly). There would be a volume discount applied. The owner of Dragonfly would work personally with you, over the design, wording, colors etc. and would personally oversee the work, ensuring all details were exact & correct. There will be a one time $85 artwork fee applied on customized orders, and you will be sent photographs to approve the finished design.  There is a minimum order number, so please email us if you are interested.  The choice of box colors are red, navy blue, & green lined with white silk material.  We are in the process of getting different colors to add.   These ornaments make a truly personal statement if given by corporations or companies, as a gift to special customers or employees.

For events such as weddings, we require a 4 month lead time, and a 50% deposit.

Contact us at: contactdragonfly@yahoo.com

Why do you only accept payments through Paypal?

We find it easier to only take payments with Paypal. Once we expand our online store or decide to take credit card payments, we will. But for now, we will not. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Can I get a new ornament if I receive it cracked?

Yes but we only replace items if they are defective or damaged by our error or the post offices error. If this is the case and you need to exchange it for the same item, send us an email at contactdragonfly@yahoo.com

Do you ship internationally?

Yes but we are currently working on the international shipping rates. Because of our location, international rates are very expensive via USPS. We are still trying to find the best option for our customers. Customers outside of the US please send us an email at contactdragonfly@yahoo.com