It Takes A Village

This collection of 19 ornaments, one for each village, has taken over 18 months to finish, as we worked on colors, designs, logos & customer ideas, who, with their encouragement & enthusiasm, became a project we were determined to complete.

We knew from the start, what we would name the collection - that was the easy part. Then came the designs - bearing in mind there is only so much you can fit onto one glass ball, the size of our ornaments. We decided that on the back of each ornament, would be the Guam Seal, and on the front, a logo with each village name written in Chamorro.

Inside each logo is a design which represents the village. On the left of the logo is the flower & on the right of the logo is a fruit/vegetable of the village.

To create unity, the logo on the front is joined to the seal on the back by a chain of tropical leaves on each side. Three of the ornaments have something different joining them to the Guam Seal, as it was important that each ornament had that link.

Most of the ornament background colors are either white or cream, which best compliments the objects painted. On some of the ornaments, we did decide to paint another color, so that it wasn’t a collection of what appeared to be identical ornaments.

On the neck of each ornament hangs a small enamel red & gold heart, which became the symbol in our logo, which we use for our poster &advertising. It represents the love, pride & true heart hat each person holds for their village.

The First Edition of these ornaments, will be 150 for each village. That decision was made due to large differences populations each village, making it difficult to decide how many in total to order.

We will be selling the ornaments as individuals, pairs, multiples and complete sets of the 19 villages.

There will be a Second Edition of these ornaments, to keep up with what we hope will be a very popular item.

For the First Edition the cost of each ornament is $14.00, and for the entire set $245.00 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at